Stress and anxiety – try not to stress

Some stress is good. Stress motivates us; allows us meet goals; gets us excited. Generally, stress is due to an external trigger. Anxiety is usually excessive internal worrying. Mild to medium stress and anxiety levels of very common, in fact, not to have them would be more unusual. You might be surprised at how many people feel alone, or somehow different because of their reaction to stress. However, some little tweaks to the way you think and behave might help. There is no mystery, no rocket science!

Be kinder to yourself – a lot of people (myself included) call themselves rude names when they make mistakes, replace the name with something gentler.

Congratulate yourself on little things – did you make someone feel better with a cuppa? Did you catch the bus on time? Did you smile at someone? Make a phone call?

Write a ‘to do’ list of 1 thing – when you do it, congratulate yourself

Try to do something you have been putting off – doing this one may make other things seem easier

If you had to say something you can do well, what would it be? – even if it is something that you are not as bad at as someone else!

What are you good at? – do it regularly – take time to be satisfied with yourself, be it a crossword, driving, jigsaws, online quizzes whatever. Build yourself up in your own mind.

Chat to someone, a friend, partner, parent, colleague etc – as before, most of us have some a level of stress and anxiety, you might be pleasantly surprised you’re not alone.

Try to be rested – try to go to bed at the same time every night. Try not to have back lit screens in bed, don’t do posts or emails in bed, take 10 deep breaths in/out and concentrate on that. Clench your feet for 5 seconds, then relax them for 5 seconds, do it 10 times and concentrate on that.

Be patient with yourself – You are slowly trying to alter the way you think towards yourself,  ideas that have built up over time. It won’t change in a week.

Remember – if you cannot shake the feelings or you feel they are affecting your daily life and stopping you functioning or enjoying everything you think you should, it is no problem to chat to a counsellor… and you can be assured it is totally confidential!

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