Because you’re worth it!  Why you should use Accessible Online Counselling.

Now I should mention at this point, I have a vested interest in you coming to counselling!  However, that should not put you off the idea that spending time on yourself and just taking care of your mental well-being should be the ‘norm’ not the exception.

I like to think of it in terms of buying a good mattress to sleep – why wouldn’t you?  Roughly speaking (and don’t quote me on this!) We spend a third of our lives in bed.  So, it is a bit of a no brainer that you would take an interest in this.

You spend most of your life in your own head and with your own thoughts – so why don’t you take more of an interest in yourself?

As I have mentioned before, many people appear to think that that the time to see a counsellor, online or otherwise, is when something causing you significant damage or anxiety. This could be to yourself, maybe to your intimate relationships, maybe to your family, maybe to your friends, maybe your work, anything really.

I would argue that having a few sessions each year could avoid you get into a state where an issue causes you significant damage or anxiety. Even if you do experience an unexpected situation that causes you to need to look at things at in greater depth, you are in an ideal position to do so as you would be more familiar with the counselling process.

Previously, I have had clients equate counselling with having an annual MOT service. They just have a niggling thing that has been bothering them which they feel a chance to communicate their perspective and feelings to someone who is supportive, understanding and non-judgmental of them whilst they assess their behaviour and reactions in relation to themselves and others is helpful.

“What about the cost?” I hear you protest, to which I would say that the opportunity to potentially look at issues before they cause you significant damage is, in my experience, pretty much priceless.

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